General management and provision of tracks


  • Night Run Estonia - Winter Special offers a wonderful experience to the end of the year with light shows, music, fireworks and a fire show. A real treat for all the Night Run fans and new sports enthusiasts. 
  • Participants in the 5 km distance will run the 5 km lap once.
  • Participants in the 10 km distance will complete the 5 km lap twice.
  • Electronic timing can be selected for both distances and it costs 2 € (can be selected on registration).
  • The trails are illuminated by street lighting and the road conditions are wintery. Slippery conditions may occur.
  • Trails are protected by volunteers, assistant police officers and security personnel.
  • The trails are marked and the kilometre markers are located on each kilometre (be sure to check the selected trail on the event homepage). Km markings are located on the participant's right-hand side. 
  • The organiser has the right to cancel the planned event if there is an increased health risk of participating in the event. If the outside temperature is -15 °C or lower, the organising committee decides on the event. If the event is cancelled due to weather conditions, participation fees and other costs will not be refunded.


 On the 5 km trail, 1 refreshment stand is provided for the participants of the 10 km trail:

  • The refreshment stand is located near the Competition Centre just after the finish and is intended for participants of the 10 km run when they start their second lap. A cold drink is served at the refreshment stand.
  • There are no refreshment stands on the 5 km "Wintery Rakvere" distance - drinking water is provided at the finish, at the Competition Centre.
  • After the finish, at the Competition Centre, drinking water is provided also for the participants of the 10 km run.


Kergejõustikuklubi ViKe, 1. jalaväebrigaad, Rakvere Esteetika ja Tantsukool, Arendus ja Haldus OÜ, Rakvere Spordikeskus, Signaal Rakvere OÜ, EVG Print, Spordiürituste Korraldamise Klubi, Rakvere Karmeli Kogudus, Rakvere Vesi, Rakvere Päästekomando, Ida Politseiprefektuuri Rakvere osakond jpt.