Organisers contacts and rights


  • Night Run Estonia Winter Special is organised by NGO Rakvere Maraton in co-operation with Rakvere town and sponsors.
  • The official information channels of the Night Run are: and the Facebook page of the Night Run: Ööjooks
  • Legal address and details: MTÜ Rakvere Maraton, Tähe 5 Rakvere 44314. Registry code: 80311257; KMKR/VAT: EE101458865; SEB EE911010220117720014, Swedbank EE852200221050534842; e-mail:
  • Office: Kastani 10 a Rakvere.



  • The organiser has the right to make changes to the manual, if necessary.
  • The organizer has the right to forbid people to be in the competition area and entry into the starting point, if these people disturb the participants.
  • The organiser has the right to disqualify all those participants in the finish protocol who do not follow the event manual and rules.
  • The organiser has the right to use all the photos and video footage, taken by the organiser during the event, for marketing purposes.
  • The organiser is not responsible if the event does not take place due to Force Majeure (force of nature). If the event is cancelled due to reasons not depending on the organiser the participation fee is not refundable.
  • The organiser is not responsible for the work of the company who offers the timing service.
  • The organiser will accept only the protests in writing and following official procedure presented to Night Run Estonia Winter Special secretariat (information desk) until 28.12.19, 8 p.m. The protest fee is 30 €. The protest processing time is up to 7 calendar days. The fee will be repaid only in case of a positive outcome / acceptance of the protest against a participant.
  • The organiser has the right to cancel the planned event if there is an increased health risk of participating in the event. If the outside temperature is -15 °C or lower, the organising committee decides on the event. If the event is cancelled due to weather conditions, participation fees and other costs will not be refunded.



  • Calls concerning the run from participants and partners will be answered during workdays at least until 10.01.2020.


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