Participant’s responsibility

  • The participant is responsible for their own health when taking to the trail.
  • When taking to the trail, the participant confirms that they have sufficient physical capacity to complete the run and, in the event of a health problem, turn to volunteers or medical staff at the trail (medical assistance is available at the start/finish area).
  • The organiser has the right to cancel the planned event if there is an increased health risk of participating in the event. If the outside temperature is -15 °C or lower, the organising committee decides on the event. If the event is cancelled due to weather conditions, participation fees and other costs will not be refunded.


HOLD RIGHT! If you want to take it easy, hold to the right of the trail. This way, the faster participants can pass smoothly from the left side of the track.

ATTENTION! Please choose the right pace for your winter Night Run, which will make you feel good on the track and at the finish and help prevent health problems.


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