What to do in Rakvere


  • Rakvere Castle is a medieval castle, with stables, brothels, and a torture chamber and of course, the tavern of Schenkenberg. Additional information: www.rakverelinnus.ee
  • Picturesque Moat Hill - a naturally beautiful place for concerts at the foot of the Rakvere Castle.
  • Tarvas – the symbol of Rakvere town. Weighing nearly 7 tons it was sculpted for the 700th birthday of Rakvere tow and depicts and auroch. The author is Tauno Kangro.
  • Rakvere Rahvaaed or Theatre Park – not many people know that Rakvere Theatre is a professional theatre located in the town which has the smallest number of people in Europe. Rakvere Rahvaaed or Theatre Park is an attraction in itself.
  • Modern Central Square – A lot of contradictory opinions earned Rakvere Central Square, which by some specialists is considered an architectural masterpiece in Europe.
  • Historical Pikk Street – invites to museums and art galleries, shops the oldest preserved houses in Rakvere and takes you to one of the greatest attractions in Rakvere –Church of the Trinity. Pikk Street is the historical centre of Rakvere.
  • Enchanting Oak Grove – a beautiful nature park located near the Castle and Moat Hill. As you can guess the natives of the park are oak trees with powerful history.
  • Other entertainment: Rakvere Bowling, Nightclub Mjau, Town Citizen’s Home Museums Museum, LILIINA Handicraft Shop, Rakvere Gallery, etc.





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